Molecular assay design and optimisation services

Fully comprehensive services from target identification to test creation

Moduleic Sensing™ technology offers a uniquely elegant method of detecting defined DNA or RNA sequences in a broad array of situations. 

If your organisation needs a molecular detection method that is:

  • Portable

  • Sensitive

  • Inexpensive

  • Easily integrated into devices 

  • Adaptable to a preferred results reporting method

Moduleic Sensing™: a Platform Technology

Moduleic Sensing™ has potential applications in any instance where there is a need to detect genetic material, from disease diagnostics to environmental surveillance and beyond:

Food safety or fraud

Disease diagnosis

Detecting biosecurity risks

Mutation dectection

Methods of partnership

Technology licensing

License our existing tests, methods, or sample handling technologies

Assay development and optimisation

Commission new molecular diagnostics adaptable to your device or protocols

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