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Founders Forum host Biotangents Co-Founder Lina Gasiūnaitė in Boston and New York

26 September 2019


Boston Skyline
Boston Massachusetts USA

As part of winning the AccelerateHER award, Lina Gasiūnaitė, co-founder and Director of Science at Biotangents, is traveling to Boston and New York together with a number of Scottish-based 2019 AccelerateHER Awards finalists where they will be introduced to leading tech entrepreneurs and investors. Amongst other engagements, Lina will participate in the events organized by Founders Forum, an elite and invitation-only international entrepreneurial network where she will have an opportunity to join the discussions about key business solutions to pressing global problems.

Founders Forum is a prestigious network of leaders encompassing pioneering digital and technology sectors co-founded by Brent Hoberman and AccelerateHER’s Co-CEOs Poppy Gaye and Laura Stebbing. The network represents some of the most prestigious and inspirational entrepreneurs, CEOs and senior investors including Richard Branston (Virgin), Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn) and Eric Shmidt (Google and Alphabet) among many others.

Laura Stebbing, co-CEO of AccelerateHER, said: “We too are delighted at the common purpose shared between ourselves and Investing Women and the opportunities this new partnership will bring to the incredible women founders in Scotland. Boston and New York are hubs of entrepreneurship where accelerateHER and Founders Forum have established formidable networks which include key figures within the technology sector. These are also centres where women founders continue to break down barriers - pushing company valuations and investment to new heights.”

“We can’t wait to connect these women founders of fast-growth businesses in Scotland to investors, fellow entrepreneurs and CEOs who will help them on their international growth journeys.”


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