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Diagnostic excellence in the lab, in the clinic and on the farm

Rapid diagnostics, actionable results

Innovative new technology

At Biotangents, we are designing the next generation of molecular diagnostics.

Moduleic Sensing™, our proprietary isothermal amplification technology, allows the simplification of protocols, the miniaturisation of equipment and the delivery of point-of-care diagnostics. 

Our technological advantage:

  • Offers a superior molecular diagnostic technique

  • Molecular precision without technical demands

  • Can be rapidly adapted to new targets with ease

Now with the Moduleic Sensing™ VET, we are bringing diagnostic capabilities into the veterinary clinic and onto the farm.

Learn about how our cutting-edge diagnostic technology is being applied:

Disease areas


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In development

We are creating diagnostics for a range of commercially important animal diseases. These work to ensure that infections are discovered faster, decisions made quicker, infectious disease controlled and biosecurity maintained. 

Goats and sheep

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In development

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