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Our history

From idea to industry

Biotangents was founded in 2015 by Dr Andy Hall-Ponselè and Lina Gasiūnaitė. Andy and Lina share an intimate understanding of how genes function and a desire to use their expertise to develop technology solutions that improve the efficiency and sustainability of traditional industries. They secured £30k of investment and a £65k SMART Award from Scottish Enterprise to develop early innovations which were used to deliver £85k of fee-for-service work during 2015 and 2016.

The team then conceived of the Moduleic Sensing™  diagnostic technology in early 2016 and, building on a reputation for innovation, secured a £48k grant from SynbiCITE to prove the concept. Following that early development, Alan Hale was brought in as CEO to guide the company and as it grew and stepped closer to commercialisation.


2015: Biotangents' first laboratory

Since 2016, the potential of Moduleic Sensing™ has led to a further £380k in secured grants to develop diagnostic tests for the international market and £591k in equity investment, including £496k from Kelvin Capital and the Scottish Investment Bank in December 2017-March 2018, with additional £1m+ investment rounds closed in 2019 and 2021.

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