Moduleic Sensing™ LAB

The smart, simple, in vitro diagnostic solution

The Moduleic Sensing™ LAB diagnostic protocol is optimised for simplicity, granting the advantages of PCR testing without the expense or complexity


Now disease diagnosis can be conducted by any lab regardless of equipment:

  • Results within 2.5-hours

  • Intuitive binary results

  • Single hands-on step

A highly optimised, and rapidly integrated diagnostic protocol

Add nucleic acid extract
Incubate for 2 hours
Read result


  • Excellent sensitivity, specificity and reliability

  • Only two handling steps

  • Sub-2.5 hour time to result

  • Uses standard laboratory equipment​

  • Available in PCR tubes and microtitre plates

  • Simple protocol​



  • Ideal for irregular testing

  • Faster test turnaround

  • Minimal capital investment required

  • Minimal training required

  • More efficient use of staff time

  • Easily integrated into laboratory systems

Goats and sheep

In development

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