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On farm benefits

Healthy herds, healthy businesses

At Biotangents, every innovation, every service, and every product ultimately benefits farmers and their livestock.


By reducing the burden of animal disease on farms we can help create happier herds, healthier animals and more profitable businesses.

For more information on how your farm can benefit from improved disease surveillance, visit our disease areas page. 


Importantly, consult with your veterinarian about how Biotangents diagnostics can help your farm.

Rapid diagnosis is essential to disease management and monitoring

Screen new animals before introducing them to your herd


Many infectious diseases are introduced into herds via disease-carrying animals. By only buying disease-free cattle, the likelihood of disease outbreaks is substantially reduced.

Monitor for disease, and secure disease-free status

A rigorous disease monitoring regime allows you to secure disease-free status, boosting the sale value of your herd.

Reduce disease, increase production

Many diseases reduce animal productivity, via milk production, weight gain or reproductive losses. Disease-free animals are happier and significantly more productive.

Quarantine infected animals to prevent disease spread

Faster disease diagnosis allows animals to be quarantined effectively until their disease status has been established.

Quickly remove non-viable animals from production

Once the diagnosis is complete, infected animals can either receive effective treatment or quickly be removed from the herd, preventing further infections.

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