Moduleic Sensing™ VET

Bringing laboratory capabilities to clinical settings

Our Moduleic Sensing™ VET tests bring the precision of the laboratory to the clinic. 


Our proprietary diagnostics technology is being miniaturised, automated and optimised around the needs of the vet. It allows same-day infectious disease diagnosis in the clinic, giving you:

  • Targeted treatments

  • Same-day results 

  • Better clinical outcomes


Quick, practical and precise

  • Simply add blood to the cartridge
  • Same-day diagnosis
  • Simple, streamlined sample handling
  • Minimal training required
  • Automated remote results reporting
  • Nucleic acid extraction, sample processing and diagnosis integrated in the innovative cartridge design

Same-day results, any day, anywhere

Add diagnostic
sample to cartridge
Insert cartridge
into hub
Result delivered
how you want

Optimised around you

  • Stackable​
  • Only one pipetting step
  • Minimal setup time
  • Little to no maintenance 
  • No calibration time
  • Highly configurable to your work space
  • Six independently controlled and disease-flexible cartridge slots
An automated miniaturised system

From nucleic acid extraction to analysis, every step is automated and hands-free, letting you handle other tasks.

Remote results reporting

Once the diagnosis is complete, results can be saved and stored on the device, or delivered straight to you or your customer by email.

Scales with your business needs

Our modular design allows more diagnostic capacity to be added, allowing you to scale to your needs, large or small.

Effective and efficient antimicrobial use

By quickly identifying the cause of infection, the correct antimicrobial agent can be prescribed, saving time, money, and lives.

Always expanding

Moduleic Sensing™ VET is a versatile diagnostic platform with new disease targets always in development.

Sheep and goats

In development