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Moduleic Sensing™

Next generation isothermal amplification technology

Our proprietary molecular diagnostic technique, Moduleic Sensing™, is an isothermal amplification system capable of detecting nucleic acids. Our three unique interchangeable modules, for detection, amplification and reporting, give unparalleled flexibility and adaptability to new molecular targets.


The detection module defines the target and seeks out and detects nucleic acid markers unique to the disease of concern.


The amplification module rapidly produces many copies of a messenger signal, boosting the sensitivity of the technology.


The reporting module then converts the messenger signal into a colour-change response that is easy to distinguish by eye or photometrically.

Diagnostic advantages


Other isothermal amplification

Moduleic Sensing

Specificity, sensitivity, reliability

Easily interpreted result

Quick and simple protocol

Rapid adaption to new targets

Enhanced customer benefits

Lower equipment costs

Faster turnaround

Minimal expertise 

or training required

Easily integrated

Faster decisions

Same-day results

More effective

antimicrobial use

Scales to your needs

Prevent disease spread

Effective use of quarantine

Earlier removal of

non-productive stock

Increased profitability

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