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Rapid diagnostics, actionable results

Diagnostic excellence in the lab, in the clinic and on the farm

At Biotangents, we are designing the next generation of molecular diagnostics.

Moduleic Sensing™, our proprietary isothermal amplification technology, allows the simplification of protocols, the miniaturisation of equipment and the delivery of point-of-care diagnostics. 

Our technological advantage:

  • Offers a superior molecular diagnostic technique

  • Molecular precision without technical demands

  • Can be rapidly adapted to new targets with ease

Now with AmpliSpec™ VET, we are bringing diagnostic capabilities to the veterinary clinic.


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Featured in

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"[Biotangents] to develop a low-cost diagnostic tool for contagious pleuropneumonia..."

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“This year’s winners have succeeded within a very competitive field where we had our highest-ever number of applicants for scalable international businesses..."

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"Biotangents' test system can produce BVD test results on the same day and potentially within one hour..."

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"[Biotangents'] technology can allow vets to identify potential threats within a day and thus can give farmers more time to isolate infected animals..." 

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