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Biotangents join NOAH (National Office of Animal Health)

4 October 2021


Biotangents have joined NOAH (National Office of Animal Health) as Associate Members. NOAH is the trade association representing the UK animal health industry, supporting members’ businesses and ensuring the sustainability of our sector by helping shape the regulatory, political and social climate.

NOAH Chief Executive Dawn Howard said: “We are delighted to welcome Biotangents to NOAH and look forward to working with them. Our innovative animal health sector researches and develops new products, solutions and approaches to protect the health of UK animals, supporting sustainable livestock farming and enabling the pets in our homes to lead long and healthy lives. Innovative diagnostics, enabling vets and farmers to take rapid action to accurately prevent and treat disease, sit alongside effective vaccines, new digital tools that help predict disease and monitor health, and improved treatments.

“As NOAH’s membership continues to grow, we are able to both provide services for and represent a broader range of animal health business providing animal health products and services for the livestock on farms and companion animals that need them”.

Alan Hale, CEO of Biotangents commented: “Due to the need to continuously improve sustainability, it is critical that the contribution of animal agriculture is recognised and positively represented not only within the industry but to all stakeholders including consumers. As such, we are delighted to be welcomed as associate members of NOAH and look forward to working closely together as we provide improved diagnostic solutions to address unmet needs within the sector.”


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